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What is your home worth? 

Knowing what your home is worth is key to selling it fast, for top dollar and with the least amount of hassle. Having a realistic expectation of your home's value will allow you to consider all your options and offers.

Pricing a home too high will simply keep the right buyers way. Pricing a home too low is throwing money out the window and also tells buyers that you might be desperate and willing to give them a good deal so they will come and negotiate further. 

So it's absolutely crucial that when you're ready to sell your home, you price it properly and have the comparables to back it. 

Don't list your home for sale before you get a figure from a member of our Sales team. 

The value we will suggest is not an appraisal and cant be used as such but it is based on all the same information you would get from an actual appraisal. 

What we do...
You complete the form on this page to the best of your ability. We will then search the entire Multi-List for properties that are similar to your with similar features and amenities. We will actually search LISTED homes and SOLD homes to determine not only what other homes have sold for but also what your current competition is and what pricing strategy we would implement to get your home sold for the most money. 

So, if you want to get an idea of what we would do for you, please fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible! 

Thank you for your interest!

Heres what one satisfied client had to say...

I cant believe we had our house listed for so long with other agents before we came to you. We really wanted to get as much out of it as possible but the price was simply too high and we couldn't get the right buyer through the door. We appreciated you strategy for pricing and all the marketing effort you put into selling our home. 
We're very happy with the couldn't have worked out any better. 
Thank you 


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